At West Mercia Sections we pride ourselves on being compliant with all current laws and regulations relating to the products we manufacture, this ensures our customers have complete confidence in the products that we supply to them.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered firm. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality steel from our suppliers making sure the steel is within the exact specifications requested. We also undertake all the appropriate quality checks in accordance with ISO9001 throughout our manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product reaches our customers. We will happily provide you with steel conformance notes from our suppliers* to assure you that you are getting the material you ask for. Click the link below for our certification.

*Please request steel conformance notes when ordering.

CAD Technical Drawings

We have CAD profile drawings for all of the sections we produce. Should you require copies for your records please contact us with the details of the drawings you require and the format you wish to receive them in and we will send them to you.

Wind Load Testing

Our lath has been wind tested in accordance with BS EN 12444:2001 as part of BS EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011. We have copies of our wind load testing available on request. Please be aware that our wind load testng was undertaken in a controlled laboratory environment, therefore no guarantee can be given in an external environment when conditions can be changeable and/or unpredictable. For more details follow the link below.

U-Value Certification

Our Insulated lath has been tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006 as part of BS EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011. Research shows that many supposed U-Value calculations regarding insulated roller shutter products to be false and are rarely backed up with certification to prove otherwise. These values tend to be calculated on the insulation alone or through the centre of the lath only, disregarding the interlocking joints, as well as ignoring various other factors such as how the door is installed. As section rollers we do not provide pre-assembled or complete door sets, therefore our lath has been tested (as an interlocking section) and the U-Values will need to be incorporated into the design of the door you are manufacturing. Please click here for a link to the Door Hardware Federations web page regarding U-Value certification.

CE Marking

As part of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), it will become compulsory to CE mark structural steel components by 1st July 2014. We have now had our Factory Production Control (FPC) system assessed to BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 (Execution of Steel Structures) to make sure our structural steel can now be appropriately CE marked before it is put on the construction market. This was undertaken by the Steel Construction Certification Scheme which are a UKAS accredited body with the link below displaying our certification for this.

Steel Construction Certification Scheme (SCCS)

West Mercia Sections is now a member of the SCCS. Members are those principal companies involved in the direct supply to BCSA Members that undertake the design, fabrication and erection of steelwork for all forms of construction in building and civil engineering.


We are an ISO9001 registered firm, click here for more information...

CE Marking

Our structural steel is CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090-1...

Wind Load Testing

Our lath has been wind tested to
BS EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011...

U-Value Testing

Our insulated lath has been U-Value tested to BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006...


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